Kaptain Mounsey

Hello, I’m Kaptain Mounsey and I present my weekly show on Mondays at 6pm. I have been part of Eden FM since 2016. I have always loved radio and always wanted to be part of a station doing my own show. I first started ‘The Sunshine Show’ nearly 10 years ago on Bailrigg FM at Lancaster University. This saw the start of my personal weather reports and my quiz ‘I Feel A Song Coming On’ which you can still hear on my show now! I loved being part of a station, so when I came home and heard about Eden FM I was really keen to get involved. And here I am four years later, still chatting every week – 2 hours of silliness!

My show includes all sorts of music from 60s, 70s and 80s classics, 90s cheesy pop and some current tracks. I enjoy all kinds of music, so try to include a bit of everything - something for everyone. You can guarantee there will always be a big song you can sing and dance to! You could describe my show as a chat show as I talk quite a lot (some would say more than quite a lot!) As well as the weather and quiz for you to take part in, my show includes TV and film reviews. I love learning languages, so I like to try to incorporate that by teaching languages through songs or introducing music from other countries.

I love doing outside broadcasts. I can’t wait to get back out into the community at local events with the team. We get to meet the people who work so hard to organise them, and talk to the public who are having a great time. It’s a brilliant atmosphere and I love being part of it.