Liam James

Hi there, I’m James Tucker, but I go under the alias of Liam James, for my presenter name, on Eden FM community radio station.

I’m aged 44 and have a very passionate love of music…and that love of music got me interested in Radio presenting and DJing in various clubs, bars and pubs around the Carlisle area. I love nothing more than bringing the music I love, to others, who I always hope will love it as much as I do myself.

There’s nothing better than standing behind a DJ booth and seeing people dancing and enjoying themselves, to the music I’m playing. It’s not quite same with radio presenting, as I obviously can’t see you when you’re listening to my show and of course I can’t see if you are dancing around in your kitchen or tapping the steering wheel in your car. It’s a sense of engagement and my imagination takes care of the rest.
I started doing radio work way back when I was about 18, on what was then, hospital radio Echo based at the Cumberland Infirmary and had 2 stints there over the years. I was also in the brief temporary 4 week licence that was City Vibe in Carlisle.

Also, I’ve been DJjing in various bars, clubs and pubs around Carlisle, for about 12 years now, including seven years playing rock music, in Carlisle’s then premier rock club, called Club rock. I can DJ to pretty much any genre of music and have a love for many styles. Up until the chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic, I was the Saturday night resident DJ in Carlisle’s Griffin pub and am now just waiting for things to return closer to normal, to commence those nights.

Away from radio and DJing, I love football, my main club being Newcastle United, and I also love gridiron – the American NFL football. I really like to watch golf too, and have the odd round, where possible.