Tony Walley

Originally from Irby, Cheshire, we moved to Oxton in Birkenhead and Formby. I then spent the next 10 years at sea trading mostly to West Asia, USA, Southern Africa, S.E. Asia and Australia. When I left the sea, I went to Edge Hill College of Education and then taught in junior schools for the next 10 years, as Deputy Head for 6 years. I joined cotton merchants in Liverpool for 13 years as a director. The company closed in 1992 and I was fortunate to obtain employment in Singapore where I met my wife.

I worked for 4 years in Singapore, then joined an enormous Swiss company as Middle East Consultant, charged with opening a transport company bringing bales of raw cotton from the Central Asian countries into Iran through Sarakhs on the Turkmenistan border, and then to Bandar Abbas to be shipped to the Far East. I lived where my work took me but mostly in Bandar Abbas and Dubai. When that project finished I took employment in logistics in Jakarta, Indonesia offering logistics and collateral management. When I retired, we moved to Australia where we built our own house.

Around the world I have been a listener of the music world. I recall on one occasion shouting the beginnings of Radio Caroline from the hatch of a ship to a colleague down below whilst we were loading in Sydney!
Never having been really still all my life, I joined Albany Community Radio in Albany, Western Australia in 2010 where I spent 7 years presenting 3 different programmes a week. I enjoyed the role immensely and was able to add many different genres of music for my listeners’ pleasure, ranging from multiple Asian countries pop and classical styles and classical western music. Now I enjoy just ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay’.

I joined the happy band of presenters here at Eden FM in August 2018 and present programmes with an international bent on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.00am (always dressed to kill) just after Pam’s delightful Breakfast Show. I believe Community radio is vital to give the community a voice and some input into local matters, and expressing itself to show the broad spectrum of opinion of all ages that exists, while also having some enjoyment at the same time. It is another newspaper, another voice, another resource. I love the variety of music out there and try to present an overall portion of it in my programmes from old to new, from classical to rap to jazz, from western to Asian to aboriginal – a mighty mélange.

I am interested in world news and it saddens me that coronavirus seems to have dried up news from the rest of the world. We are not alone - we are part of a huge family and should fight the virus together. Hence I like to give news from countries where I know my information is firsthand. My views are not meant to offend anyone.