Martin Cowin

RADIO has always been a long-held interest of mine – Growing up listening to the Radio 1 Roadshow every summer, as it progressed around the coast of the UK, listening on medium wave, as at the same time the now-defunct Atlantic 252 launched on long wave.

Closer to home, BBC Radio Cumbria would have their own ‘summer tour’ and I recall seeing them broadcast live from Kirkby Stephen and Brough during a summer many years back.

All this tuning of the radio bands cemented my interest in radio generally and a curiosity took hold – I would tune the FM band and hear the national broadcasters and the local broadcasts from Cumbria and beyond – Including Douglas, the Isle of Man! Though it was one evening on television I saw a documentary regarding Radio Luxembourg, which was still on air at the time, which led me to listen to Luxembourg on 208 metres (1440 kHz) medium wave. It was tuning the medium wave band that I heard various local radio stations from around the UK and my first international broadcasts – BBC World Service broadcasting to Europe on 648 kHz and the European English service of Radio Sweden, broadcasting from Stockholm on 1179 kHz. Sadly, neither of these two broadcasts are still on air – Though 648 kHz is now home to a legal, licensed Radio Caroline!

It was then switching to the short wave band of my radio that I could hear the BBC World Service broadcasting to the world from, among other transmission sites, Skelton, here in Cumbria (Again, sadly, radio broadcasts from Skelton are no longer on air!)

Hearing the European broadcasters was good, but it was discovering the American broadcasters, such as the Voice of America from Washington DC and then extending the ‘net’ to ‘catch’ Radio Australia, broadcasting from Melbourne and Radio New Zealand International, broadcasting from Wellington, which really fired the interest in international radio.

It was learning of the intention of a small group to launch a community radio station in Penrith that I enquired to join Eden FM as a volunteer in October 2011.

As a presenter, my first role was to present the weekly Country music show ‘Eden Country’, which was originally broadcast on a Sunday evening at 6pm. During the first few months of broadcasting, I would also present the weekday morning show and ‘Eden FM Sport’, though, on occasions, would also fill in for lunchtimes, afternoons, produce an evening programme known as ‘Swingtime’ and, on a couple of occasions, was a co-presenter of a programme known as ‘Girls Nite In’!

Over almost the decade Eden FM has been on air, I have been delighted to be a part of the team. All of this has been facilitated by the Eden FM team members, past and present, to whom I will always be grateful, but the biggest thank you goes to you, who has listened and continue to listen and support Eden FM.
Thank you.