Pam Waggott

My name is Pam Waggott and I have been a presenter on Eden fm Radio for around six years.  I joined by accident as I live next door to Lee Quinn (the Chair of the station).  Initially I just went to join him on a Eurovision Song Contest special, and before I knew it I was trained and had my own shows!

I present The Breakfast Show every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 07.00 – 10.00. There’s no script, no producer, no sound engineer in the studio…just me and the listener and it’s great fun! I aim to help to start your day with a smile and some great music.

The Breakfast Show has lots of regular listeners not only from Penrith itself but from across the county, the country and around the world. I really enjoy it when people get in touch. Most are in contact through social media, and they probably don’t realise it, but actually participate in the show through their contributions, comments and interactions. Their input helps maintain the momentum of the show and I always look forward to hearing from them. I love getting silly messages, gifs and people playing along to ‘Pam’s Mistake Bingo’ which was invented by a long standing listener…you know who you are!

I have a few regular features such as a musical ‘Who am I?’, ‘The Thursday 3’ and ‘The Long & Short of it’. There are others that pop up in each show but you would have to tune in to find out more about those!
On the last Tuesday of the month Stephen joins me in the studio; we chat about the latest happenings in the soaps and other shows currently on the TV. Stephen also tells us about the celebrity birthdays and even when he’s not in the studio he sends them for each show…he certainly keeps me on my toes!

Alongside presenting I also complete a range of administrative jobs, try to keep the place clean and tidy and join other presenters on our outdoor broadcasts when we’re able to be out and about again.
I always have the radio on at home or in the car, but before starting at Eden fm I had never considered getting involved with community radio; in fact it was something I knew nothing about. However now, six years down the line, I think it is an integral part of the wider community. We are able to support residents in the local area during times of difficulty, for example during severe weather by broadcasting or posting regular social media updates and of course in the current Covid-19 situation we also try to link people to support networks etc. We are also able to promote and highlight key issues in the community and raise the profile of some smaller social issues.
There is so much to be gained from being part of a community radio station; not just behind the microphone but there are lots of other opportunities that are available that YOU could get involved with. It could be that you’re like me all that time ago, you don't realise you would like to be part of a great, fun team aged from 15 to…well, very much older and to paraphrase Mr Michael Bublé ‘…we just haven’t met you yet!’

I hope you can tune in to the Breakfast Show; please feel free get in touch.  I'm very tame, I don’t bite and it would be great to give you a shout out!