Roger Day

For some specialist shows, to help fill a 24-hour schedule, we also have shows produced in other counties and countries. One of those from Spain is from Roger –Twiggy - Day, formerly a 60’s Disc Jockey who was floating his show on Radio Caroline, who then went to Radio Luxembourg. In 1974 he was the first voice on Piccadilly Radio Manchester, Britain’s fifth commercial station. He helped with the launch of Invictus Radio in the mid 80’s, and from the mid-nineties he did complete quite a tour of regional radio stations. Still involved with regional radio for the BBC in Kent, now based in the Costa Blanca, Spain where he has a regular show on Bay Radio, every Saturday morning you’ll find him on Eden FM.

So in case you missed it, we never locked down, but due to restricted travel we did set up a number of presenters via remote access, and with the right equipment they were able to log on and do shows from home.