Marty Strutt

Originally from Colchester in Essex, I moved to West Cumbria 5 years ago. Music has always been a real passion of mine, especially country (from the 90s to the present day and Texas Country/Red Dirt music) as well as 60s, 70s and 80s. The 70s is my thing now though, the soundtrack of my youth! I was 7 – 17 during the 70s and I can honestly say that they were the happiest days of my life.

I play drums but not currently in a band. I'd really like to get involved in a 70s band project but time isn't always on my side right now! I used to play in a 50s/60s rock n roll band in Essex, but haven't sat behind a kit on a stage since 2005!

I've always had a passion for radio too. As a youngster, I used to love listening to pirate radio (Radio North Sea International and Radio Caroline), Radio Luxembourg and Radio 1. Living close to the Essex coast, we used to get great reception from Radio Caroline and the daytime Dutch station Mi Amigo as the pirate ship(s) were anchored just a few miles off the Essex coast. I have many favourite Radio DJs or “Jocks” from down the years but two emerge as all-time faves for me – Kenny Everett and Tony Blackburn. Those guys are, if you like, my heroes!

My first real dabble in radio was at Hospital Radio Chelmsford in Essex in the late 90s/2000, where I used to present my own country show GR-8 Country as well as be part of occasional roadshows. Years later I'd find myself at another hospital radio station, Milton Keynes where I used to present MKHR Country and co-host a Double Decade Show (60s & 70s). I did a few “graveyard” shifts on fundraising radiothons too, running shows from midnight until 3am!

In 2013 I got a break in country radio and became a presenter with 2Country Radio, a UK based online 24/7 country station where I spent 3 happy years presenting my weekly shows. I became disillusioned with the mainstream country scene because so much of the music in the country charts was becoming too pop orientated for my taste, so my attention turned more towards the Texas Country scene and Red Dirt Music, which I still love to this day. I've made many friends in country radio on both sides of the Atlantic and I got to visit and meet (and talk on air) to a host of an afternoon show at K102 in Minneapolis, while I was over for some country concerts.
Nowadays though my main listening pleasure comes from 70s music in all its various forms (I actually don't listen to anything else right now if I'm honest! My Spotify playlists run into literally hundreds of 70s tunes and I'm always watching You Tube!) I'm now lucky enough to be in a position where I am able to share my passion with you, the listeners on my weekly Super 70s Show on Eden FM every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon.
I find that an awful lot of 70s music that I might have been dismissive of back then is actually fantastic music when I hear it again with mature ears! Musically, so much of the 70s was ahead of its time, a lot of it is timeless but yes, there's also a lot of stuff that sounds dated and/or cheesy! But it's the 70s and like any era in music history, it's filled with great music and fascinating characters and I love the fact that I can bring it all to you every week!