Listening Figures

The favourite question asked of any radio station by advertisers is “How many listeners have you got?”

Eden FM is one of hundreds of community radio stations based in the UK that do not have RAJAR data.

Who are RAJAR?

RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and is the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK. It is jointly owned by the BBC and the Radio centre on behalf of the commercial sector.

About Joint Industry Currencies

The Joint Industry Currencies (JICs) are owned by the industry – advertisers, agencies and media owners – to provide transparent and objective audience measurement for each medium. These data are produced and sold at cost providing both industry accountability and a robust trading currency for each medium.

Do RAJAR measure community radio stations?

RAJAR will consider applications from Community stations. Due to the highly localised survey requirements, it is unlikely that existing sample points are already in place requiring a specific cost to be calculated for each application.

Can a charitable not for profit station get a discount on fees to join the survey?

Unfortunately, as RAJAR is a not for profit organisation, it is unable to offer a discount to charitable stations wishing to join the survey.

So, for Eden FM if it were possible to be included in listening figures how much would it cost?

At we can confirm that

Stations on RAJAR

RAJAR currently surveys over 300 individual stations broadcasting in the UK, of which 55 belong to the BBC. These stations vary greatly in size, from national to local, with the smallest being surveyed on an area of 50,000 adults. Only Ofcom-licensed stations can request to be measured by RAJAR.

To conclude as best we can, we do not have listening figures

Eden FM currently serves an area of the Eden Valley predominantly around Penrith, with future extensions of our licenced transmission planned to cover most of the Eden District. With an estimated population of 53,000 in this area, 16.5 % of the population is under 16.

So, if Eden FM did have the finances to pay for listening figures, chances are the area in which operates hasn’t a big enough population anyway.

This information is mainly for agencies across the UK who regularly ask for listening figures!